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Ask Krista

Interact with Krista Kim's avatar through a Storyfile Q&A, where she illustrates the vision for [0] and describes the potential for the Metaverse to uplift humanity.

The Team



Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Krista Kim is an internationally acclaimed artist and speaker who has been featured in exhibitions and media outlets around the world.

She was chosen by Louis Vuitton as a #Louis200 visionary in celebration of the fashion house's 200th birthday. Kim is also a contributing Metaverse Editor for Singapore Vogue, and has been named one of the “Top 30 Most Influential People of the Metaverse” by Read and Write Magazine. Her goal is to build [0] as an example of what the Metaverse can yield for humanity as well as advise companies toward those longer term visions.




Founder & CEO

Peter is an Academy Award nominated & Emmy winning Producer. He is a Creative Futurist and a recognized thought leader in next generation entertainment. Peter embraces emerging technology to create engaging, immersive content, his erudition extending to virtual character creation, holograms, and storytelling in XR and Metaverse. Peter is a valued thought leader and has been a keynote speaker about the future of storytelling and Virtual Production at conferences around the world. Peter combines creativity with a deep understanding of the Metaverse’s potential which will be a key differentiator for [0]’s mark on the world.




COO & Founding Partner

Christy’s nickname as “the fog sculptor” was given to her at Disney Development Company with her core skill of building businesses which are “firsts”, often forging new industries to create market share and long term value. She was the founding CEO of Superblue, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and the Philip Johnson Glass House. She has served as a Vice Chairman of Sothebys forging a new practice area, a Consulting Producer for the film “The Art of Making It” creating the first NFT for audience direct distribution and on the Board of Trustees for Stanford University. She brings economic architecture to build this new company, its experiences, digital place-making and serving any clients we advise.




Chief Metaverse Officer

Vignesh, formerly known as VeritasKami, is a business strategist turned NFT investor & community leader. He has a passion for art, tech, and culture. He led the acquisition of culturally significant NFTs at Metapurse, and has supported the growth of artists at the forefront of Web3. Last year at NFT-NYC, Vignesh was the co-Executive producer of Dreamverse, a daytime gallery & party that featured >150 artists, including but not limited to BEEPLE, Diana Sinclair, FEWOCIOUS, Josie Bellini. He is excited to expand [0]'s roster of IP, artist & brand partnerships.





Teddy Pahagbia is a visionary thinker, a bold entrepreneur and a tech geek globally known as Mr. Metaverse. According to Read and Write Magazine he is one of the “Top 30 Most Influential People of the Metaverse”. Teddy advises the largest and most iconic brands in the world, helping them future-proof their business model in the Metaverse age. He is an advocate of the use of technology for the greater good of humanity. He joins the team and is a partner in technology staff resources thru his firm to ensure [0] is exemplary of the highest forms of innovation and advance thinking for the Metaverse.




Creative Director

Benny Or's vision centers around the human experience in both physical and digital realms. As an artist defying definition, his body of work ranges from creative concepts for major touring productions to co-creating "The Meeting Place," the world's first readymade Metaverse environment NFT and the #1 venue for LGBTQIA+ culture. Beyond his practice, he is also globally recognized for his work making art accessible through social media in New York City's contemporary art scene. Equipped with this unique understanding of art, design, and technology, Benny seeks to evolve storytelling for the next generation of audiences globally.




Architectural Director

Chafik has worked for the most innovative architecture practices in the world such as Zaha Hadid Architects, he has held key roles in a variety of projects throughout Europe, Asia, the middle east and north Africa. As an architect and creative thinker, Chafik merges nature, geometry and futuristic architecture, focusing on the experience and feelings and he aspires to create positive spaces that add value and reinforce culture. He joins the team to design the first Metaverse spaces with Krista Kim.


“Krista Kim’s productions combine art, education, human-centric design, and holistic health to reinvigorate social consciousness. Thus, being the perfect Metaverse partner”. - Deepak Chopra, MD
"The Metaverse will alter the fabric of how we live, work, and play. We are excited to collaborate with Krista Kim and integrate with her vision for the healing metaverse, by bringing the latest innovation in mental health digiceuticals to transform personal and societal wellbeing.” - Poonacha Machaiah, Co-founder of CIRCA.
"Krista’s vision for a more artistic and engaging online world is inspiring, and The Third Floor will leverage decades of real-time worldbuilding expertise to help bring her unique design aesthetic to new immersive and mixed reality experiences.” - Chris Edwards, CEO & Co-Founder of The Third Floor

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